Global Microbiota Summit 2021


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It’s a real honour to welcome you back!

For this 5th event, we have changed the format of the Summit to provide a more personalised experience.

The topics on our agenda have been selected by you and your peers, and it is possible to register only for the specific event(s) that best suit(s) your needs while still having access to networking sessions with colleagues from around the world.

Whether you’re new or returning, we look forward to welcoming you to our events throughout the year.

Event Overview

Walk away from our 2021 summit with a host of benefits to help optimise your everyday practice.

  • Gain access to Scientific Leaders in the field and a library of resources relating to gut microbiota and digestive wellness

  • Learn how to boost the overall health of your patients by taking care of their gut health

  • Discover how you can improve IBS diagnosis and management in clinical practice

  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of probiotics in gut health

What’s going on this year

Meet the speakers

Introducing you to our speakers at the 2021 Global Microbiota Summit – get to know their work and experience by reading the profiles below.

Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders

Prof. Teresa Abreu

Prof. Harry Sokol

Prof. Nikolaos Papadopoulos

Prof. Magnus Simrén

Prof. Maura Corsetti

Prof. Giovanni Barbara

Prof. Karine Clément

Explore helpful resources

Take a look at our library of resources – a whole host of research posters, videos, infographics and more available for you to access.

Prof Abreu`s webinar about Bacillus clausii mechanisms as spore probiotics

Watch the full session where Prof Abreu explains Bacillus clausii mechanisms in gastrointestinal disorders

Prof Clement`s webinar about gut microbiota and cardiometabolic diseases

Watch the full session where Prof Clement explains what is the role of gut microbiota in cardiometabolic diseases

Prof Sander`s webinar about the science of probiotics and related ‘biotics’

Watch the full session where Prof Sanders talks about probiotics and related biotics & how to understand and use them

Prof Abreu`s slides about B.clausii: mechanisms as spore probiotics in gastrointestinal disorders

Read the slides Prof Abreu presented in Global Microbiota Summit 2021 about the features of B.clausii spores.

Register for GMS 2021 today

Sign up today for the 5th Global Microbiota Summit and discover new information about the importance of probiotics in gut health.

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