Privacy Policy

SANOFI is committed to protect your personal data and your privacy and implements all relevant measures to ensure such protection, in accordance with applicable laws and the terms of its Global Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Notice explains the purpose(s) and the modalities by which SANOFI processes your personal data collected through this website.

Who is responsible for your data?

The personal data is collected and processed under the control of Sanofi Aventis-Deutschland GmbH, Brüningstrasse 50, 65926, Frankfurt am Main.

Why is your data collected/processed?

We collect Your personal data for the following reasons:

Manage their registration and all related operations: To validate that the users accessing the website are healthcare professionals, to better identify their scientific content consumption patterns in an aggregate form to better tailor our content in the website;

Manage communication operations: to be able to contact them in the future to provide you with important information, administrative information, required notices, and promotional materials; send you news and information about our products, our services, our brands, our operations; organize and manage professional events and congresses, including your participation to such events; create databases to conduct statistical analysis; register you in programs and platforms for continuous medical education programs. The previously mentioned communication can take place through any of the following media: Face-to-face visits, phone calls, email campaigns, virtual links through a communication device, digital platforms for livestreaming, website, platforms for video conferences, text messages such as SMS, whatsapp, viber, other and multimedia, post service or specialized parcel services, events, social media, advertisements in media, digital media platforms and press media.

Manage the participation for the game: to provide you access to a gamification experience. This game consists of a series of patient cases presented to you, and you can answer what treatment you would choose for each patient. At the end of the game you will have a series of ‘knowledge questions’ that will give you points if they are answered correctly and in the shortest amount of time. In this game we collect your answers to the patient cases and the knowledge questions, and these are analyzed in an aggregate form. After finalizing the game, you will be directed to answer a survey to evaluate the event. Your answers will also be analyzed in an aggregate form. And finally, after you finish the survey you can proceed afterwards you will proceed to print your certificate of attendance to the Global Microbiota Summit through the app. We also ask for your email address so that SANOFI can provide you with your certificate in case you prefer to download a digital copy instead of printing it

Managing interactive screens: to provide you with an access to an interactive screen that will be available during the summit. In this screen you will be able to navigate and learn the different systems of the body where the microbiota has an impact. We collect how many sections you visited, which sections were visited, time spent in each section and this information is analyzed in an aggregate form. In this screen, we also ask for your email address so that SANOFI can provide you with the presentations from the event.

This processing is based on your prior consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending us a request, in which case SANOFI will stop processing your data (without affecting past processing). You are free to refuse to communicate your data to us. However, if you refuse to communicate your data, please note that SANOFI will not be able to grant an access to the materials of the summit hosted in the website. Your personal data will be retained for a period of 2 years.

How long will your data be retained?

Your personal data is retained for the durations described above in the purpose(s) section, and in any case only for the duration that is necessary to fulfil the above mentioned purposes, unless further retention is necessary to meet legal or regulatory requirements or to the protection of SANOFI’s interests.

Who will have access to your data?

For the purposes set forth above, SANOFI may communicate your personal data to the following entities:

Entities of the SANOFI GROUP;

Legal and administrative authorities when required to do so by applicable law.

Is your data collected from other sources?

We may collect your data from the following private sources: Internal Databases.

What are my rights concerning my personal data?

In accordance with the rights granted to you by law, you are entitled to:

access by simple request to your personal data – in which case you may request to receive a copy of your personal data, unless such personal data is made available to you directly;

request a rectification of your personal data if such is inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete;

obtain the deletion of your personal data in the specific cases provided for by law;

obtain a limitation of the processing of your data in the specific cases provided for by law;

if applicable, receive your data in a standard format for transmission to another controller;

to lodge a complaint with your data protection authority: Germany: Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (German: Bundesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (BfDI)).

Who to contact for queries?

To exercize your rights as set out above, please go to this webpage. For any other queries concerning the processing of your personal data, you can contact SANOFI’s Data Protection Officer at this address: Or 

Country-specific information:

When operating, this Website may collect the following categories of Personal Data:

Identification data: any information which allows your identification, whether directly or indirectly such as your name or contact details (address, email address, telephone number), your job type, your company

 Messages: you may send us enquiries using this Website.

Connection data : any information regarding your connection and access to this Website (e.g. type of machine and browser used, timestamp of your connection, IP address, pages visited, etc.), browsing history

Location data : information that may be provided by your machine and browser about your location if you allow such information to be shared with SANOFI

data relating to and data which may be collected by cookies: for more information about cookies, please see below.

Under certain specific situations, SANOFI may process philosophical, political and religious opinions, trade-union membership, sexual orientation, information relating to health, racial or ethnic origin: SANOFI will only process such categories of Personal Data, which qualify as “sensitive” Personal Data or “special categories” of Personal Data if duly permitted under applicable data protection laws. In particular, SANOFI will only process such information it has obtained your prior explicit and specific consent to do so.

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