Prof. Liliana Ladino Meléndez

Liliana Ladino Meléndez, ND, NCP, MSc, cPhD Dr Meléndez is from The Medical School and Researcher of the Institute of Research in Nutrition, Genetics and Metabolism (IINGM), Universidad El Bosque, Colombia. She is the founder and General Director of the Research and Education Center on Nutrition CIENutrition and the coordinator of the Nutrition Working Group for the Latin American Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition LASPGHAN. Dr Meléndez holds a doctorate degree in Nutrition, and Food Sciences from Universidad de Granada, Spain, during which she worked on pre- and postnatal nutrition conditioning fetal programming in infants born to obese and diabetic mothers. Her current research work focuses on paediatric clinical nutrition, early nutrition programming and inborn errors of metabolism with an excellent track record of more than 100 lectures in national and international conferences including 6 original papers, 8 review papers, 22 abstracts, 6 chapters and 3 books in Latin-American journals.[BG/3] [RV/4]   Her research journey shows her close association with microbiota research especially in kids. Dr Meléndez has worked as a registered Dietician Nutritionist with an honorable mention from Colombia National University, Columbia; also a fellow in Pediatric Clinical Nutrition in Hospital Infantil de México "Federico Gomez" México. Since 2003, she has shown her expertise in various roles in different organizations wherein she worked as a lecturer in The Medical School, Colombia National University, Bogotá, Colombia; director of the Research Line in Children Nutrition, Research Group in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Pediatric (GASTROHNUP); Valle University, Colombia; professor of Clinical Nutrition in Pediatrics; coordinator diploma in Pediatric Clinical Nutrition, Researcher of Research Group of Food, Nutrition and Health, of Nutrition and Biochemistry Department, Javeriana University; clinical nutritionist of San Ignacio Hospital, Colombia; and director of the Service Clinical Nutrition of the Candelaria Hospital, Colombia.
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